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Customised Guided Edinburgh Tours

Ever been frustrated when on holiday in a new place by how much of your holiday has slipped away while you tried to find your way around?

No matter how friendly and helpful the locals are, and Edinburgh is noted as being a friendly and welcoming place, the average citizen of any large city will know only very little of the things that visitors want to know and even less about their own country. You have worked hard for your holiday and you deserve it to go well. Well, in Edinburgh you now can.

Spend a day with the man other tour guides call Superguide !

You can have a half day, a day, or more on a guided tour of Edinburgh with renowned local guide Bill Hill who will spend time in your company; telling you about this great, historical and breathtakingly beautiful City. He will answer all your questions, familiarise you with the City, its transportation system, ways of accessing other parts of Scotland, best places to eat and drink, where to get the best prices on knitwear and highland dress, give advice on how to trace your ancestry and tell you of historical links between his and your parts of the world. He will be your host, dressed in a kilt, speaking in an accent which you will understand, and with a sense of humour which is legendary among visitors who have spent time in his company.You can even take home a musical souvenir as a reminder of your day!

Bill is fully qualified, experienced and insured.

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